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From the hits of yesteryear to the chart toppers of today. All of THECOOLTV channels rock!


Music videos 24/7

Your favorite music videos can now be played at home, on the subway, or out with friends anytime of day.


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Your favorite music videos can be shared with friends so they can join the party too.


Music technology for every platform.

THECOOLTV powered by Cool Connect LLC, a multi-platform entertainment Social Media and technology company specializing in delivering Music Videos to fans where and when (and on what devices) they want it!

Cool Connect, LLC is an entertainment media company that produces, acquires and distributes Music Video content across multiple platforms. Cool Connect uses the combined tools of television through the Internet at THECOOLTV.com

THECOOLTV is all music videos, all the time, showcasing the world’s greatest music artists from the most popular music genres.

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Application Features

  • Music video channels

    Currently in the lineup we have the 80's, the 90's, GEICO from the Road, Pop Power, The Block, and Indie Cred. With your help there will be many more to come.

  • TV programming schedule

    We broadcast THECOOLTV on air and on different cable channels across the nation. Check out the programming schedule to see when your favorite show is on.

  • News + events

    This app is going to be popping up everywhere around the nation. Don't miss your a private event featuring your favorite superstars, so stay tuned to see the next event in your city.


Store Features

  • CoolTV Merch is here!

    We worked with the top designers to make the COOLest threads, hats, and other gear to show your love for THECOOLTV.

  • Vintage Artist Memorabilia

    We’ve been in the music game for quite some time so we are connected with the hottest stars of today and yesteryear. We have a lot of their gear ready for you to wear to the next reunion show!

  • Crank that Music!

    We have sound isolating headphones, trendy earbuds, and bluetooth speakers galore to rock your favorite THECOOLTV Channel.


Social Network Features

  • Message the Stars!

    All of the top label stars broadcast their messages on THE COOL Connect…have a convo with them today. Who knows they might invite you backstage!

  • Connect your Entourage

    No walls, no RT, no @…just you and Your Entourage. Set your plan to hit up your next show in your own Music only social network.

  • Share your Media

    Got front row at the latest show? Snap a pic and share it with Your Entourage and keep your comments in a safe, cool place w/o grandmas approval.

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